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Would homeschool students fall behind school students academically?自家教學學生的學術成績會否比學校讀書的學生落後呢﹖

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

We do not have any research about homeschool situation in Hong Kong yet. As a reference, according to a research from the U.S.A., the home-educated typically score 15% to 30% above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests. The home-educated students show better performance in many aspects, like social, emotional, psychological development, etc. The researcher stated that homeschooling may cause the positive traits mentioned. But, it does not conclusively prove that homeschooling causes these things. *

在香港,暫時都沒有相類的研究,我們很難作出評論。但美國就有相類的研究可作參考,自家教學的學生在標準學術能力測驗 (standardized academic achievement tests) 當中,成績比公立學校學生高15%至30%,而且,他們在不同方面亦是比較優秀,如社交、情緒、心理發展等等,可是,研究的學者亦說不能一下子就下定論是因為自家教學才會出現這些好品質。 *

* National Home Education Research Institute (dated 23 Mar, 2020)

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