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  • Is it illegal if parents homeschool their child(ren) in Hong Kong? 自家教學在香港不是違法的嗎﹖
    Homeschooling in Hong Kong is not against the law. This has been confirmed by the previous Permanent Secretary of the Education Bureau, Ms. Cherry Tse Ling Kit Ching and also raised by Legislator Dennis Kwok at a meeting of the Legislative Council. The EDB treats homeschooling on a case by case basis. 自家教學並不是違反香港法例的,這已得到前任教育局常任秘書長謝凌潔貞女士的確定。郭榮鏗議員在立法會會議中亦提出跟自家教學相關的質詢,教育局的回覆指出他們並不會一概禁止在家施教,他們會就每宗個案的情況作個別評估。 (dated 10 Sep 2015)
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