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We are Homeschoolers!

Homeschooling is the educational method by which parents educate their children at home, instead of at school. It is usually conducted by parents, tutors, or even children themselves. We, as parents, believe that we can learn something from everyone, and everywhere can be a classroom. We believe children are natural learners. So, we support our children not only by providing lessons for them, but also by guiding them, and we learn, grow and improve together.

In other countries, homeschoolers normally refer to compulsory school age children (ages 6-15 in HK), but here, many who do not send their children to preschool consider themselves homeschoolers as well. As a homeschool community, we recognise this situation and the need for mutual support and acceptance of pre-school age children as homeschoolers.

In Hong Kong, there were 33 homeschooling families registered with the Education Bureau as of April, 2015. We do not have the exact numbers, as many do not register. The Homeschool Meetup Group has around 178 families.

Below are some recent news articles or programmes about home education in Hong Kong nowadays.

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