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How do I go about informing the EDB that I homeschool? 怎樣向教育局登記自家教學呢﹖

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

The EDB treats foreign and local homeschool families mostly the same. The procedure usually goes as follows: After you notify the EDB that you are homeschooling or intend to homeschool, they may try to persuade you to send your child to school, which they think it is a better way.

The EDB officers will request your information--your name, occupation, contact, reasons of homeschooling, curriculum, evaluation methods, etc. Then they may request to meet you (and maybe your child) in their office.

The government views a high quality education as the right of every child living in Hong Kong. After discussing your homeschooling methods, if they do not have a major concern, they will not approve or disapprove your homeschooling, but say they would like to do a home visit around 2 times per year. This lack of non-approval is essentially permission for you to homeschool. If, however, they found major concerns with your situation, they could issue an attendance order which would legally require you to send your child to school. But the EDB very rarely issues attendance orders. We are only aware of 3 cases since the year 2000 when the EDB has issued an attendance order to a homeschooling family.


根據已登記自家教學家庭的描述,過程大致如下: 當您聯絡教育局告知您正在或打算自家教學之後,教育局可能會回覆一次或多次不建議家長讓小孩自家教學,亦可能會鼓勵回校就讀。當您作出多次嚐試後,教育局官員會調查及要求得到您的資料(如姓名、職業、聯絡、自家教學理由、在家所教的課程、評估方法等等),亦有可能約見您(及可能您的子女)甚或家訪。香港教育局認為兒童應得到適當的教育,若跟您會面後,他們沒有特別憂慮,他們不會說批准或不批准,但會說大約每年家訪兩次,並且,不會向家長發出入學令,即是說您可以繼續自家教學。可是,若他們發覺有很大的憂慮,就會向家長發出入學令,但這類個案並不常見,以我們所知,由2000年開始,教育局只向三個自家教學家庭發出過入學令。

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