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What curriculums exist for home education? 自家教學有任何課程的嗎﹖

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

If you prefer following a curriculum for home education, it is available and there are many choices. to give a few examples: Sonlight, A Beka Book, Calvert School, Oxford Homeschooling. The Internet makes home education easier. Khan Academy and many famous universities provides massive open online courses (MOOC) to the public. If you choose unschooling, there are unlimited curriculums for the study which mainly follow the children’s interest.

若您喜歡跟着現有的課程教學,有很多的選擇,如Sonlight, A Beka Book, Calvert School, Oxford Homeschooling等等,網絡世界亦令自家教學比以前容易,好像Khan Academy 及多個國際著名大學都提供免費網上課程 (MOOC) 給大眾觀看,若您選擇非學校教育(unschooling) ,學習更是無邊無際。

Here below some resources for reference. 以下一些資料以作參考

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