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Do homeschool students have less of a social life? 自家教學的學生會較少社交生活嗎﹖

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Homeschool students do not sit in their house all day disconnected from the outside world. Children who are homeschooled have many opportunities to socialize. ”Like other children, those who are homeschooled interact with other children at dance, sports, music, and language lessons. They get together with friends for play­dates. For homeschooled children the world is their classroom, and so in addition to spending time with other children, they have more opportunities for interaction with adults in natural, real world environments. Homeschooled children are often recognized as being more at ease interacting with adults in real­-life situations than their peers who have been educated in a traditional school setting where associations are artificially structured by age, and all adults are authority figures.” *

自家教學並不是指要孩子整天留在家不接觸外面的世界,他們也有很多社交的機會。”如同其他孩子,自教孩子都會在學習跳舞、運動、音樂和語文堂時跟其他孩子接觸,他們可以在遊戲日跟其他孩子做朋友。對他們來說,整個世界都是課室,他們有更多時間跟其他孩子互動,亦有更多機會在現實世界與成年人自自然然地相處,自家教學的孩子被認為比在傳統學校的同輩更識跟成年人相處,因在學校裡所有成人都是權威。” *

*quoting Joshua Steimle, We are Homeschoolers (Hong Kong: Under Production, 2015). p.33.

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