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Can my child(ren) come back to school after homeschooling? 子女在自家教學後能再次返回學校讀書嗎﹖

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Sure. According to the EDB website FAQ on universal basic education: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is committed to provide nine-year free universal basic education to all eligible local children, including non-Chinese speaking ethnic minority children. Under the existing policy, all parents must send their children (aged 6 – 15) who have the right of abode in Hong Kong to attend schools.* If you choose schooling after homeschooling, just simply send applications to the schools. Your child(ren) can attend schools after interview and placement tests.

可以。根據教育局的網頁資訊:香港特別行政區政府致力為所有合資格,包括非華語少數族裔的兒童,提供九年免費普及基礎教育。根據現行政策,所有家長必須送6-15歲且擁有香港居留權的兒童入學。* 若您在自家教學後選擇返回學校就讀,只要向相關學校申請,經面試及分班試之後,您的子女就能再次入學。

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