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HK Homeschool Community

The Homeschool Community in HK

Homeschooling is the educational method by which parents educate their children at home, instead of at school. It is usually conducted by parents, tutors, or even children themselves. We, as parents, believe that we can learn something from everyone, and everywhere can be a classroom. We believe children are natural learners. So, we support our children not only by providing lessons for them, but also by guiding them, and we learn, grow and improve together.

Purposes of making this website and forum,

1. This website is mainly for homeschool families to share information and arrange activities. Therefore some parts of this website is reserved for homeschoolers only to avoid irrelevant requests and information. Thank you for your understanding.

2. If you are planning to homeschool, please fill in this form. We will contact you accordingly. 

3. For other visitors, our website's information in the public zone should be sufficient for you to know more about HK homeschooling situation. If you have further enquiry, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you! 

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